Everybody cannot become an entrepreneur.They are different and unique people altogether, can be easily identified for their traits which are impressive enough to the crowd. They are what they are meant to be.

They love what they do. Thats one of the main reasons many of us chose to go out on our own. We also like the flexibility, the opportunity to be creative & the possibility of shaping our own future.

Business owners fall into two categories-

1. self-employed

2. Entrepreneur

The self -employed are those who have a talent or skill & they know there are people willing to pay them for their time, product or service. So they employ themselves rather than work for someone else.

The entrepreneurs on the other hand are the business owners who seem to grow their business effortlessly, & maintain steady growth.

 A leader can be a manager but a manager can never be a leader there is a lot of difference. This thin line of difference distinguishes between a self -employed person and an entrepreneur.

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