D. The Impact of Bosses:

How much do bosses matter? There are two notions of the impact of bosses. One is the increase in productivity that a typical worker would achieve by moving from a poor boss to a good boss.

The other is the increase in the productivity of all team members, resulting from more time with the Average boss.

If bosses were mere decorations, one would expect no variation in boss effects beyond sampling error.

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B. To which workers should the best bosses be assigned ? Do good bosses improve productivity more for the best workers or more for     the worst workers.

C. Workers are Additive, Bosses are Multiplicative.

For instance Why is a research scientist who makes a great breakthrough so valuable to a firm? It is because the innovation enhances the productivity of a large no of workers.

The effect is multiplied by the number of workers that the innovation affects.

The effect of worker talent on output is just the effect itself, whereas the effect of the bosses talent on output is multiplied by the number of individuals supervised.

Workers switch bosses about about four times per year. It is switches to different bosses that permits estimation of the effect of bosses on worker’s productivity.

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Workers & Bosses should be matched according to performance. The effect of good bosses on high quality workers is greater than the effect of good bosses on lower quality workers, but the effect of sorting is not large.

A. Human capital & Effort : An individual worker’s output at time ‘t’ depends on human capital, hich reflects both innate ability & previously learned skills & on effort.

A worker’s stock of human capital at time’t’ depends on experiences with current & previous bosses .

Past bosses can affect the worker’s output at time ‘t’ because some of the knowledge & work habits acquired from those bosses may be retained.

Bosses, in the context in which we study are most important in their ability to teach & motivate workers . For the most part, they do not engage in task assignment , hiring or other aspects of the supervisor job, although they may play some role in firing & in promotion.

Should good bosses be matched with good workers or with bad workers?


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As a relationship manager your main responsibility would be to maintain & nurture each client relationship designated to you.

What this job entails is a need for a close understanding of the different aspects of your client’s personal life.

However , brilliant social skills are not all you would need for this particular role. It is necessary to have quite extensive knowledge about financial markets in order to be in a position to give advice on the impact it could have on the services & products the bank offers as well as the client’s own finances.

comprehensively put, a role of a relationship manager demands not only understanding of the financial markets but interest in client’s personal life & lifestyle as well, as this will be important while assisting him in his investment decisions.


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  •     High Risk, staged investments
  •       Long Payback Periods
  •      Traditionally dominated by super majors
  •     Many smaller players are now enetering the industry
  •         Stakeholder management is a key success factor


  Pharma:                                                                 Oil &Gas

.Highly skilled educated Folks.                               Commodity v/s unique products.


Success rates for each development stage.                                 Hydrocarbon Prices.


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Development of rural areas may depend upon broader development in the regional economy , with urban centers as a hub.

 Economic Growth eventually stagnates as a result of diminishing returns .

  The Provision of investment management services includes elements of financial statement analyses, asset selection, stock selection , 

   Plan implementation & ongoing monitoring of investments.

  The Business of Investment has several facets, the employment of professional fund managers, research,dealing,            settlements,marketing, internal auditing & the preparation of reports for the clients.

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Some Key points to be noted:

  • Diversification, innovation & global competitive edge
  • To continuously develop HR, create safe working conditions, improve productivity & quality & reduce cost
  • To be a good corporate citizen, protecting & enhancing the environment as well as discharging social responsibility , in order to ensure sustainable growth.
  • To intensify R&D for technology development.


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A Seperately managed a/c is an individual managed investment a/c offered typically by a brokerage firm through one of their brokers 

or financial consultants & managed by independent investment management firms &having varying fee structures.

The Characterstics:

  • Open structure or flexible investment security choices.
  • Multiple Money Managers
  • A  customised investment portfolio formulated for a client’s specific investment objectives or desired restrictions.