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If you were to craft the perfect investment , you would probably want its attribute to include high returns coupled with low risk.

One of the most important & influential economic theories dealing with finance & investment, the MPT was developed by Harry Markowitz & published under the title ” Portfolio Selection” in the 1952 Journal of finance.

Markowitz described how to combine assets into efficiently diversified portfolios.

Technical indicators look to predict the future price levels or simply the general price direction of a security by looking at past patterns.

Technical indicators are fine for stock screening , but if possible base final decisions on the price chart.

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Just a the food pyramid suggests a well- balanced diet, the portfolio pyramid covers the components of a healthy, balanced investment portfolio.

The foundation of the portfolio pyramid is asset allocation, which determines the broad risk level of your portfolio to match your risk profile.

Schawb’s model asset allocation plan:

  • Conservative
  • Moderately conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Agressive
  • Agressive.   

Once you’ve diversified across asset classes, you can start diversifying within asset classes.

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