What seperates the average leader from the successful leader? Is it power? Is it chance? Is it opportunity? Is it luck?

It is none of these. It is their ability to make things happen.“How often do I allow myself and my team to get caught up in practicing daily acts of trivia?”

I hope you answered this question honestly, because I want to challenge you to think about some follow-up
questions:“Do I have a clear understanding of the company’s most important goals?”
“If I don’t, do I challenge my leader to make it clear?”
“Do my peers understand them?”
“As a team, how can we improve ourselves to contribute too these goals?”
“Are there ways we can improve our communication within the team, the company, but more importantly,
amongst our peers?”
“Have I truly tapped into the skills of my team? Do I understand what they are truly capable of and what
skills they may have that I am not aware of?”
“What can I do to support my team better?

As a proactive leader, don’t you think you should be creating clarity in setting the path, direction, and vision for
the team?



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