2)  Mentorship – Every single young trader I’ve seen go from zero to hero, where I directly observed the evolution, has benefited from a high degree of mentorship.  I am not talking about taking trading courses, reading trading books, or working with “coaches”.  Rather, I’m referring to working side by side with a talented senior trader; observing their preparation, research, trading, and risk management; and absorbing the lessons of those observations.  There is a reason mentorship is embedded in most professional training programs, from the apprenticeships of master plumbers and electricians to the clinical rotations of medical students and the training of fine artists.  Role modeling channels and accelerates performance development.

Now , role modeling channels & accelerating performance development, this aspect when elaborated to strategising, we can come out with comparision. Comparision when considered amounts to a chain re-action, creating a viscious circle to or towards ones learning curve, thus again bringing us back to the first point of discussion “diligence”.

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