So , now as we proceed further in the various TERRAINS of the Industry of MONEY making & Breaking ahead …….. we have managed the challenges very well

Leadership is about courage to get over cowardish stance , this Our director Ms SP KiranRaj has been quite capable enough to carry on very well.

Work is done within a limitation, within a framework , especially when it comes to the business of lending which the banks are involved in

We at ADVENTURE TERRAIN VENTURES Dont encourage this as its not our business, also we tell our employees / people to help their friends not expecting any return from them , its their contribution & not our demand.

When it comes to client acquisition, we are still in the process we havent reached one , but sure will be updating you all with the same once we get an opportunity to serve a client of good calibre & paying capability. As we told you all we are not in the business of lending money, we belong to the appreciative economy of asset class not loan economy which is more of gossips which we are seriously against

Now, when we are talking & writing about loans , we would like to share a case with you which our proprietor herself took head on personal stead Confronting the stance taken by RBL Bank .

She has taken due objections to the way bank employees treat a client with a track record of not less than 5 years giving a controversial stance to the case & argument put forth.

The employees of RBL Bank including their Advocate to the case have been warned by the Police department Bengaluru city , they are suppose to work inside the legal framework, they cannot go against law .

See it is always better to attend the court hearing , tell the ability to repay or inability to repay to the court, never entertain these loan collection agents, they may be serious criminals, who may induce a client in the wrong path, complicate the case, create more complications, since he is only interested in money & not the integrity of the case.

Its money recollection, its a matter serious enough to be sensitised, so these agents are bound to play games which the common public may fall prey to, similar to any brokerage firm in the share broking industry, its big money, so they play games, their main aim is to prove you wrong.

So first try to ascertain the behaviour of the agent/broker, on suspicion inform the police if there is something more you suspect.

Later dont make the repayments for the ones whose bank employees misbehaved, let the case go to court , present your case before the magistrate then close the case, clearing your reputation & close the banking relationship with the bank which has tried to disrepute you , in this way other banks know how to behave with ones client, let them not learn something from a wrong player

Gundaism, as projected by the bank employees amounts to a kind of offence under law, they are near criminals, so dont bother about being courteous to such lot, present your case to the magistrate in the court

So, by reading this blog you know, as public what you should encourage & what you should not in financial transactions especially inorder to discourage crime in the society especially against women.

Atleast at the most have the courage to stand up to yourself.


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