Site visits very important for Closing a sale after ascertaining a property suitable to the buyer.

A property suitable to one buyer may not be suitable to the next buyer though specifications & requirements posted match.

IN sales in the real estate market , ascertaining the requirement of the buyer very important, most of the transactions dont take place due to this mismatch.

Selling a residential property vs a commercial space is very different the base is the site visit.

POS must allow the parties for discussion , without any kind of follow up , if the buyer is happy with the site visit , they will ask the POS to follow up the document related due diligence, which should be duly followed up with the attorney concerned.

Property is business & business is property in the real estate market , POS must know this.

When the buyer agrees for a site visit it is that he does like the property , next it should be confirmed at the site visit to proceed with the documentation.

Properties not of that standard to match the buyer may lose in to competition.

POS must know this …….

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