Senior leaders have authority to authorize action and provide resources. You’ll go further with buy-in from higher-ups. The complete list for getting buy-in from senior leadership: #1. Rash requests don’t impress. Don’t rush in all breathless with a brilliant new idea. Your great idea will be even better after careful reflection. #2. Develop a reputation […]

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The content marketing industry is continuing to evolve, and the trends that appear mingle with other faces of the marketing. SEO is an important asset and facet of the marketing domain. SEO and content marketing should always be best friends, one should not live without the other. That’s how we come to the idea of […]

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How to close more deals? — Accelerando

B2B sales is built on trust and relationships. Well, at least if the price tag is anything higher than your typical SaaS service. Successful B2B sales guys are successful because they know the importance of relationships. But establishing relationships is relevant only if you build them with the right people from the buyer side. […]

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Book review Pencil me in: The Business Drawing Book for People Who Can’t Draw — SciCom NL

Are you doodling during meetings and talks? Scribbling those meaningsless patterns and forms? Good chance that you have found, probably unknowingly, a way to keep focussed while listening to something that bores you. As befriended psychiatrist Lineke Tak told me: ‘I have a very agile mind. I’m thinking all the time about all kinds of […]

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Market Capitalization – Company Valuation — Finch | Financial Education

Let’s reflect back on our blog post about stocks – they represent partial ownership in a publicly traded corporation. Are you curious about understanding how to calculate the market value of a company?! Well class is now in session and all you will need is a calculator. What is Market Capitalization? The market value of […]

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Stock market report 2100 — Random thoughts

Below are thoughts of an idle mind somewhere in the stratosphere. Not to be taken seriously 😎 In 2100, all governments around the world have decriminalized prostitution and it is trading in the stock market. The business section of the news then goes Market capitalisation at the NYSE is several million dollars. Sex closed the […]

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10 Qualities of Great Entrepreneurial Leaders — NCMA

by Richard Chilee One of the beautiful things about being an entrepreneur is that it affords you the chance to prove yourself as an influential leader. This is true because as an entrepreneur, you have the power to shape people’s lives and the society in which you operate in; you have the power to […]

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Delegation is the Decision to Replace Yourself — Leadership Freak

You’d delegate if you had the time, but it’s easier to do it yourself. Even though your brain says the previous sentence is self-limiting and ridiculous, managers still say it. Managers know ‘doing it by yourself’ is a short-term strategy, but in high pressure environments all that matters is getting through the day. 5 reasons […]

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