Sustainable Value Creation is a new mode of business that addresses fundamental societal issues by identifying new, scalable sources of competitive advantage that generate measurable profit & community benefit.

Business at its best is organised around five implementation imperative for planning , managing & scaling a sustainable value creation strategy.

These imperatives are:

  • Recognise the opportunity: Analyse the root causes of existig core business challenges to uncover underlying societal problems, that if addressed, may lead to new source of competitive advantage.
  • Recalibrate your Radar : Pinpoint the optimal role the company can play in helping to address those issues by expanding internal & external networks to tap into trends. Improve the companys ability to screen ideas based on needs, uniqueness, strategic fit & core competencies.
  • Research, Develop , Repeat : Plan& manage sustainable value creation initiatives as R&D projects & subject them to the same rigor as any corporate initiative, accomadating an iterative development cycle & being prepared to learn from setbacks.
  • Rewire the Organisation : When bringing a project to scale, embed new governance structures, communications, incentives & metrics.
  • Reinforce the Value : CEOs will need to assume leadership to ensure the entire company remains focused & motivated & its stakeholders committed.

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