Originality – Every successful young trader I’ve observed and worked with has been “out of the box”.  They do not look at the same things as other traders, and when they do look at the same things, they see them in different ways.  Their originality might show up in trading unique markets, unique strategies, or finding unique expressions of ideas.  While they learn a great deal from mentorship, their creativity enables them to absorb the *process* of the successful mentor, but apply that process in ways that make it entirely their own.  They do not follow the herd and they have enough confidence in their judgment that they can act on their unique views.

This is the perspective drawn by @steenbab, which he concludes as below:

I believe the combination of these factors helps explain why success eludes many new traders. Some lack diligence and look to trading as a way to avoid working for a living. Others are hard-working, but have not found the mentorship needed to guide their development. Still others are easily swayed by media and those around them and fail to cultivate signature strategies with an edge.

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